Bmy888 promotions

BMY888 Casino


only VIP can apply 100% bonus every day

at least deposit 500p up to 10000P
20x turnover
only once chance everyday

◎How to calculate the turnover?
ex: deposit 500P and get 500P bonus.
(500+500)*20=20000 is your turnover.

◎After the deposit is completed please immediately apply to the online CS of the platform get it .

◎If deposited the second time or bet before applying , will be ineligible for promotion.

◎Please wait for the bonus to be collected betting is in progress if the bonus has not been distributed the user has already placed a bet this application will be invalid .

First deposit get 100% bonus

Only for New member

Minimum bonus is 100P up to 1000P.

How to calculate the turnover?
ex: First deposit 100P and get 100P bonus.
(100+100)*15=3000 is your turnover.

Use pamaya or gcash deposit 10% CASHBACK

For BMY888 member at least deposit 200p up to 10000P

3x turnover

◎How to calculate the turnover?
ex: deposit 200P and get 20P bonus.
200*1+20*3=260 is your turnover.

◎Bonus will release to your wallet immediately after you finish deposit